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Tidy workspaces are essential for employee morale as well as creating positive first impressions. We want to represent your company and workspace to others that you are clean and organized, and we strive for that. We know the importance of first impressions and happy employees. With our services,we help keep the flow of your company and employees smooth sailing.

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Common & Office Areas Cleaning

Our staff is trained to respect personal work-space, yet provide necessary cleaning and maintenance services.

  • Dust surfaces, vents, door frames, and sills
  • Clean and disinfect telephones
  • Empty and re-line trash receptacles
  • Remove finger marks and smudges from doors, jams and light switches
  • Clean glass surfaces
  • Clean and sanitize water coolers
Break-rooms & Kitchen

We keep these high traffic and mess spaces clean for your employees and any visitors. 

  • Disinfect furniture
  • Sanitize surfaces
  • Cleaning floors
  • Sparkling sinks
  • Cleaned and disinfected trash receptacles
Individual Workspaces & Offices

Our staff is trained to respect the individual workspace (cubicles, offices, counters), yet provide necessary cleaning and maintenance services. Your work area is cleaned and maintained while important papers or work materials are not disturbed.

  • Dust surfaces and sills
  • Clean and disinfect telephones
  • Empty and re-line trash receptacles
  • Remove finger marks and smudges from doors, jams and light switches
  • Clean glass surfaces
Restroom Cleaning

Restrooms say a lot about your facility and can present the greatest cleaning challenge. Our services make sure your restrooms are clean, odor-free, and well-stocked.

  • Toilets cleaned and disinfected
  • Vanity/counter cleaned and disinfected
  • Sink cleaned and disinfected
  • Mirror and chrome cleaned and shined
  • Floors washed and disinfected, floor mats vacuumed

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Our Customers Love Us!

"Thank you, Super Cleaning for all the work that you and your staff have done on our projects. You are always on time and get the job done with very little supervision. We can always expect a first - class job on the final cleaning before businesses are ready to move in. There are times that we end up with a very short notice on the final cleaning, but your team is always flexible. We appreciate your efforts and your customer service spirit. That attitude makes our team better. Thank you again."

Steve Gehrtz-Principal Construction Manager

We recently switched cleaning companies and Lana and her crew did an amazing job! My house is the cleanest it's ever been! We look forward to our routine cleanings. Would highly recommend!

Sharilyn Althoff

Your team knocked it out of the park for the Black Building open house last week! The space was in tip top shape for its big debut and you guys were a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much for the hustle and attention to detail. We appreciate you!

Adrienne Olson

This cleaning service is affordable, fast and very thorough! I called a week before I was supposed to move out of my apartment and they were able to come and clean the carpets! The carpets are very clean and the people are nice and reliable! I am definitely recommending this company to all the people I know! Thank you, Super Cleaning!

Jovana Simic

Very thorough, affordable, and reliable cleaners! I'm a full-time nurse and student so considering my busy life at the moment, I was unable to do the cleaning check out list for my apartment. They also did my carpet cleaning all at very last-minute notice! They came and cleaned everything to perfection. My resident manager is VERY picky and hard to please lol but even she said "wow... what an amazing cleaning job". She could not find anything wrong during check out and now I get my deposit back. Thanks to the wonderful ladies who really took the time to get my apartment looking like new. Plan on hiring them again for future services.

Stacy Roesler

Wow! These ladies showed up to save the day! They were on time and arrived with a smile. They didn't complain about the 3rd story job. They were cleaning immediately as they walked in. I didn't have to give them direction or wait for them to start. They cleaned everything! Even the hair in the drain that was clogging my tub! The owners are very nice people who care about their customers instead of just a paycheck. They cleaned everything beautifully including behind the fridge and stove! Their great energy motivated me to clean and I loved their attitude! My Girlfriend and I could not that them enough! Plus, their prices are better than anyone in Fargo! Thank you, Lana and Super Cleaning!

Alex Roesler 

Lana and her crew have been cleaning our office for a few months now and do a complete and thorough job at a reasonable price. We are highly satisfied and recommend their cleaning service to anyone!

Tim Rude

We were in desperate need of a move out service last minute. They were able to come out the day after I called. The ladies arrived early & did a full move out cleaning for a 4 bedroom/2bath house in only 2 hours. Their work was excellent. I highly recommend them!

Kristen Pierre

These lovely ladies came in bright and early on Memorial Day to get the apartment cleaned before the carpet cleaners came. Between packing, moving and unpacking - who has time to get the place cleaned up? I am so grateful I found his efficient and affordable cleaning business!

Samantha Turner

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